04/11/2019, 5:55 am EDT

Monitoring Global Soil Moisture

The Great Flood on 2019 continues to maintain soaking wet fields in the Midwest U.S. while soil moisture across Southern Canada remains limited still awaiting snowmelt in some areas. Parts of the Brazil drought zone have eroded while in Europe dryness is stronger France to Spain. The Australian drought has improved while Southeast Asia to Western Indonesia drought worsens.
04/08/2019, 1:17 pm EDT

On Again/Off Again El Nino

An indicator of the atmospheric connection to El Nino warming of the equatorial East Pacific is the southern oscillation index. After a robust EL Nino signature in FEB/MAR the evolving El Nino climate fades as strong +SOI emerges.
03/28/2019, 10:22 am EDT

Wet Soils To Suppress U.S. Summer Heat

A very hot summer 2018 was foreshadowed by a widening dry-to-drought condition. This year widespread record wet soils are evident in the Central Plains, Midwest and East U.S. The soil moisture regime foreshadows a borderline anomalous hot summer ahead.
03/24/2019, 1:28 pm EDT

Dynamics of Tropical Cyclone Idai

Once again a large "blob" of much warmer than normal ocean water in the tropics/subtropics increased available energy to cause a tropical cyclone to flourish and intensify while moving slowly to cause maximum damage due to a blocking subtropical ridge pole ward of the storm.