03/19/2020, 3:40 pm EDT

Does ENSO phase follow the cool shift of the Pacific decadal oscillation?

The Pacific decadal oscillation flipped to the cool phase in early 2020. There is a tendency for PDO and ENSO to run parallel. Will ENSO flip to La Nina later in 2020?
03/17/2020, 9:18 am EDT

Intense “Kona Storm” Strikes Hawaii

An intensifying Kona Storm has emerged west of Hawaii and will cause widespread flash flooding especially Kauai and Oahu today.
03/12/2020, 11:16 am EDT

Madden Julian Oscillation/Arctic Oscillation Shift Ahead

After nearly 3 months of an active MJO near and west of the Dateline in the tropics a change is ahead...the MJO will shift east toward the tropical Atlantic and Africa in 7+ days. Coincidentally, the positive arctic oscillation collapses. A colder northern hemisphere climate evolves in 10+ days including North America AND Eurasia.
03/10/2020, 7:36 am EDT

Storminess Ahead for Great Plains; flood risk increases substantially.

At risk of several to 10+ in. of rain is anywhere from northeast Texas to the Ohio and Tennessee Valley(s) based on a consensus of the 15-day rainfall forecast by GFS, ECM and CMC. The severe weather threat zone will be Texas and the Missouri Valley.