03/19/2019, 8:21 am EDT

Bureau of Meteorology/Australia Annouces El Nino Alert

The Bureau of Meterology/Australia annouces an EL Nino Alert today. Meanwhile 2 tropical cyclones are likely to cause damaging high wind and flooding to northeast/north and northwest portions of Australia.
03/18/2019, 10:28 am EDT

Trevor To Intensify and Strike Australia (Twice)

Tropical Storm Trevor intensifies to a category 1 tropical cyclone and strikes northeast Australia tomorrow then weakens over land before re-emerging to the north of Australia later this week when strengthening to a category 2 tropical cyclone is possible before a scecond landfall.
03/15/2019, 11:18 am EDT

Explaining High Wind Events Across The Central U.S.

From Kansas to Indiana 8-9 seperate days of wind gusts exceeding 40 mph have occurred since February 1st. Included are wind gusts exceeding 70 mph (in non-tornado events). A much stronger than normal jet stream is contibuting to this regime which continues into April.
03/12/2019, 10:31 am EDT

Soaking Wet U.S. Soils Leads To Immense Spring Flood Risk

U.S. flood risk is increasing steadily due to historic wet soil moisture, heavy precipitation events and snowmelt. Worsening flood conditions evolve during spring.