01/20/2022, 9:28 am EST

Needed Precipitation Appears in Early February Forecast for Great Plains and Paraguay

Much needed precipitation is indicated in pattern-change forecasts for early February across the Great Plains/East-central U.S. and Paraguay. The precipitation brings relief to drought-battered Paraguay.
01/18/2022, 11:24 am EST

Will The Tonga Volcano Influence Global Climate?

The Tonga Volcano VEI classification is certain to be at least 4 and possibly 5 which automatically qualifies the volcano as a likely influencer of global climate. Early speculation is that Tonga is the strongest volcanic eruption since Pinatubo in 1991.
01/16/2022, 1:12 pm EST

A Major East Coast Storm Followed by Cold East U.S. Medium-range Forecast

A major storm moves north-northeast through the Atlantic Seaboard later today and Monday. The storm is unusually intense (976 MB in northern New Hampshire by tomorrow evening) due to entrainment of moisture off the somewhat warmer than normal ocean surface of the Gulf of Mexico and western North Atlantic and the subsequent clash from arctic air from Quebec. A series of major hazards to the East U.S. is caused by this storm.
01/14/2022, 11:35 am EST

South America Pattern Change Ahead

A pattern change is indicated for the second half of January. Previously, a semi-permanent upper trough was located southeast of Brazil and enhancing historic rainfall for that nation the past couple months. The GFS 15-day outlook indicates a pattern change. An upper-level ridge crests just-off the far southeast coast of Brazil. The result is wetter weather for Argentina and drier/warmer climate for Brazil.