07/08/2020, 1:40 pm EDT

Watching The Great Plains, Europe and Western Russia For Possible Summer Drought

For now, doubting a U.S. Corn Belt drought but flash drought is expected west/south Great Plains, Europe/Western Russia drought risk is uncertain although "gut" feel is important dryness emerges in August, Australia and Northern Brazil are cautiously forecast wetter.
07/03/2020, 9:54 am EDT

Assessing Central U.S. Drought Risk

Anomalous important heat risk is always important in July for the Great Plains. Heading into July the shallow soil moisture trend across most of the Great Plains is drier and deep layer soil moisture is dry in the western Great Plains. At a glance, the west/southwest Great Plains are at risk of an evolving drought and possibly a flash drought if sustained hot weather occurs. It’s mostly about temperature in July (unless gully-washer thunderstorms are occurring).
06/30/2020, 12:18 pm EDT

A Developing Problem in the Great Plains as Climate Influences Change with Peak of Summer Arriving

High pressure ridging across a region of developing shallow soil moisture deficit where deep layer soil moisture deficit already exits indicates a flash drought risk.
06/25/2020, 7:08 am EDT

U.S. Weekly CDD Anomaly Forecasts Are Hot For July

The Climate Impact Company U.S. population weight CDD anomaly forecast for each of the next 4 weeks indicates moderately to much higher than normal cooling demand.