01/26/2022, 5:05 am EST

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Report

Northern hemisphere snow cover analysis reveals MUCH ABOVE amount in Southeast Europe to Turkey, Northeast China and parts of the Northeast U.S. More snow is on the way in the 10-day snowfall forecast for the Northeast U.S., Black Sea Region/Turkey and an emerging snowy pattern in China ahead of the Winter 2022 Olympics.
01/24/2022, 5:15 pm EST

ECMWF Forecasts a Major New England Blizzard for the Weekend!

ECMWF forecasts a 954 MB low east of New England next Saturday evening which - if correct - would cause a major blizzard in New England. A storm of this magnitude would produce hurricane force wind just offshore and hurricane force gusts on the coast especially Cape Cod. A wind-driven 1-2 feet of snow!
01/20/2022, 9:28 am EST

Needed Precipitation Appears in Early February Forecast for Great Plains and Paraguay

Much needed precipitation is indicated in pattern-change forecasts for early February across the Great Plains/East-central U.S. and Paraguay. The precipitation brings relief to drought-battered Paraguay.
01/18/2022, 11:24 am EST

Will The Tonga Volcano Influence Global Climate?

The Tonga Volcano VEI classification is certain to be at least 4 and possibly 5 which automatically qualifies the volcano as a likely influencer of global climate. Early speculation is that Tonga is the strongest volcanic eruption since Pinatubo in 1991.