05/05/2019, 11:47 am EDT

Sudden Emergence of -NAO Pattern

A strong negative North Atlantic oscillation climate pattern has emerged and may last much of the remainder of meteorological spring. Implications include more wet weather for the U.S. and a general cool thermal regime and potentially prohibitive rains in Eastern Europe/Western Russia.
04/30/2019, 2:31 pm EDT

El Nino to Neutral ENSO & U.S. Summer Climate

El Nino may weaken by July according to yesterday's Bureau of Meteorology/Australia forecast. Modern-day analogs indicate much of the U.S. is warmer than normal during JUL/AUG/SEP when this ENSO condition occurs. Interestingly, the Corn Belt tends to be dry.
04/24/2019, 12:17 pm EDT

Southern Europe Dryness To Recieve Beneficial Rainfall

The European Drought Observatory identifies widening dry soils across Southern Europe. However, forecast models indicate beneficial rains developing across this region into early May.
04/16/2019, 7:49 am EDT

Next Severe Weather Event for the U.S.

Over-the-weekend severe weather produced 609 damage reports Sunday and 259 damage reports Saturday (a total of 868). The next event sets-up tomorrow in Texas to Missouri shifting into the Southeast Thursday.