08/03/2022, 8:33 am EDT

Europe Drought Worsens; Rhine River About to Close

Europe drought is worsening as Warning/Alert level of drought is becoming widespread. The latest 15-day forecasts are both very warm to hot across Southwest to Central Europe and dry for most of Europe according to ECM ENS.
08/02/2022, 7:59 am EDT

Widespread Excessive Rainfall/Flood Risk Next 3 Days

While drought discussion has been a significant issue during mid-summer, excessive rain zones are expanding as early August arrives. The East Kentucky/Central Appalachia historic flood is expanding. Excessive rainfall leading to flash flooding is forecast across all of Kentucky today with greatest risk in southeast Illinois.
07/31/2022, 12:07 pm EDT

Focus on Nebraska/Iowa Rapid Drought Development Risk

The 15-day hot and dry weather forecast for the Great Plains featuring some excessive heat coupled with vast worsening dryness for both shallow and deep layer soil moisture increases the risk for rapidly developing drought for the first half of August.
07/26/2022, 11:32 am EDT

Tropical Upper Tropospheric Trough across Western Caribbean Sea

In the western Caribbean Sea, an upper-level tropospheric trough (TUTT) is persisting. High-level wind identifies the northeast to east wind across the northern Gulf of Mexico to the south of an intense subtropical high-pressure area over Texas.