05/17/2023, 7:41 pm EDT

Climate Impact Company at GRAINCOM 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland

Many thanks to the GRAINCOM 2023 Gathering in Geneva, Switzerland May 15-17 for inviting Climate Impact Company to present on climate change, both projected and real-time. Special thanks to Dr. Olivia Kellner for her presentation on "Global Cereals Crop Production 2030 and Beyond in a Changing Global Climate System" to a group of many hundreds of delegates from all over the world. An essential and vital speech. Thank you to all that attended!
05/12/2023, 8:19 am EDT

NOAA/NHC Identify Event 1 of 2023 Occurred in Mid-January

On May 11th, NOAA/NHC determined an intense storm off the Northeast U.S. Coast gained subtropical characteristics and is considered the first event of the 2023 season. The next storm will be identified as AL02 although given the name Arlene if intensification occurs.
05/11/2023, 5:40 am EDT

Where Are Marine Heat Waves Located?

Beginning with the 2013-14 Northeast Pacific marine heat wave (MHW) known at the time as the “warm blob” regional very warm (and cool) ocean surface zones have accelerated and are affecting our climate. The most recent analysis identifying where MHW’s are currently located indicates 5 major events that are ongoing. Learn more from Climate Impact Company at GRAINCOM 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland May 15-17, 2023!
05/08/2023, 5:07 am EDT

India/Southeast Asia Pattern Change

Evolution of a major tropical cyclone in the Bay of Bengal later this week will bring a large area of excessive rain to the Southeast Asia drought area during the middle third of May. Meanwhile, India will turn very dry and hot after a recent period a thundershower weather pattern.