05/20/2019, 11:54 am EDT

Subsurface Equatorial Pacific Ocean Heat Fading – El Nino May End

The NCEP CFS V2 Nino34 SSTA forecast indicates the latest forecast (in blue) is fading away from El Nino more rapidly and with good reason as upper ocean heat in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean fades fast.
05/19/2019, 11:11 am EDT

Adverse Climate for the Central U.S. Continues

Another late season freeze for the northern Dakotas prolonging cold soil moisture temperatures followed by yeat another excessive rainfall event this week including severe weather episodes.
05/14/2019, 8:20 pm EDT

Polar/Tropical Climate Interaction Leads to 87F Northwest Russia

A large stretch (from the Dateline to tropical Africa) of tropical convection associated with the Madden Julian oscillation coupled with high latitude high pressure blocking (negative arctic oscillation) have combined to produce more extreme weather events. Included is a record 87F observed in Northwest Russia this past Sunday.
05/05/2019, 11:47 am EDT

Sudden Emergence of -NAO Pattern

A strong negative North Atlantic oscillation climate pattern has emerged and may last much of the remainder of meteorological spring. Implications include more wet weather for the U.S. and a general cool thermal regime and potentially prohibitive rains in Eastern Europe/Western Russia.