08/24/2023, 8:24 am EDT

To Date, U.S. Summer 2023 Not That Hot

Despite historical heatwaves striking Texas, the Southeast, California, and now the Midwest U.S., the remainder of summer has not featured hot weather and high electricity demand areas in the East U.S. have avoided long-term heat extremes.
08/16/2023, 12:25 pm EDT

Northern Hemisphere Winter 2023-24: Increased Risk of SSW Events Triggering Arctic Air Generation

A mild El Nino winter is ahead. Climate forecasts consistently indicate mild Pacific influence across Canada and the Northern U.S. while an energetic storm track stretches across the Southern U.S. However, of note is the likely increased risk of sudden stratospheric warming events caused by more frequent and powerful solar flares associated with the onset of solar maxima. SSW's cause emergence of arctic air outbreaks!