12/27/2022, 5:38 am EST

Australia Observed A Wet 2022; Will 2023 Be Drier?

An MJO-inspired pulse of wet monsoon weather shifts into Northern Australia to start the New Year. However, the MJO may shift eastward later in January with a goal of eroding La Nina and shifting the Australia climate drier as indicated by ECMWF in 3-4 weeks.
12/23/2022, 1:27 pm EST

Stratospheric Cooling, Alaska Ridge Bridge, and the December 2022 U.S. Cold Outbreak

Stratospheric cooling over Alaska motivated a tropospheric "ridge bridge" across Alaska to the polar region motivating cross-polar flow of arctic air into an emerging polar vortex over the Midwest U.S. resulting in a frigid arctic outbreak for the U.S.
12/21/2022, 3:25 pm EST

Humboldt Current Weakening as Waters off the West Coast of South America Turn Warmer

In one of today's Climate Impact Company market reports, noted was the vast sharp warming of the ocean water off the West Coast of South America. Indicated is a potential weakening of the Humboldt Current. If so, this is one diagnostic suggesting La Nina's demise is ahead.
12/20/2022, 5:57 am EST

Top Concern with Incoming Polar Vortex is Extreme Wind

A cold blast of arctic air will surge into the Great Plains midweek rapidly charging to the Gulf of Mexico and moderating into the East. A primary concern is the extremely tight pressure gradient between a 1060 MB arctic high over Montana Thursday and a 980 MB low over Michigan Friday which will cause wind gusts from 55 to 70 mph (or more) in the Upper Midwest, Midwest, Great Lakes region and into the Northeast Thursday into Friday. The immediate Atlantic Seaboard is also at risk for very high wind on Friday.