09/07/2023, 8:25 am EDT

More High Impact Weather: Drier Midwest Forecast, Europe Heatwave, SE Brazil Floods, and New Heat Australia

Late season drought concerns regenerate in the Midwest U.S. as forecasts trend drier while a heatwave rambles on across Western Europe into next week before shifting eastward toward the Black Sea region. Southeast Brazil extreme rain and flooding shifts southward slightly and Australia has their first heatwave of the early warm season.
09/06/2023, 8:10 pm EDT

El Nino Continues to intensify. Doubting Super Intense El Nino. La Nina Returns in 2024

El Nino 2023-24 continues to develop and oceanic El Nino is now classified as moderate-to-strong in intensity. The Climate Impact Company constructed analog forecast projects additional strengthening with peak intensity in December followed by weakening early in 2024. El Nino 2023-24 ends by next May and is followed by the return of a weak La Nina later next year.
09/04/2023, 1:14 pm EDT

New Tropical Disturbance (95L) Could Threaten East Coast as a Major Hurricane in 10 Days

In today's U.S. Holiday Report, significantly cooler adjustments are made for next week's forecast. However, of concern is an emerging tropical disturbance in the east-central North Atlantic tropics given a 90% chance to become a tropical cyclone by NOAA and projected to reach major hurricane intensity in 4-5 days by tropical cyclone models. Operational models suggest an East Coast threat in 10 days.
08/31/2023, 8:25 am EDT

Late Season Heatwave Focused on the Mid-Atlantic Next Week

ECM (and GFS) project a Mid-Atlantic heatwave for next week. The hot weather begins on Sunday and strengthens rapidly on Labor Day. The following work week brings persistent heat beneath sunny skies each day particularly in the Mid-Atlantic region. High temperatures are consistently in the mid-to-upper 90’s in the Washington, DC area with a string of 97’s as far west as Cincinnati.