06/22/2020, 12:34 pm EDT

Tracking The African Dust Clouds Across the North Atlantic

Presence of aerosol/dust extending westward via the trade winds from the African deserts is a suppressing factor on tropical wave development in the North Atlantic tropics. Currently, heavy dust is projected today into the Caribbean Sea while the origin in West Africa remains prominent.
06/17/2020, 7:50 am EDT

MJO Phase_2 Soaks India and Roasts Australia

The Indian Monsoon arrived on-time (June 1st). However, a much wetter than normal character has emerged likely to continue the remainder of June. Last week heavy rains affected the west coast, central and northeast India and the latest 15-day rainfall anomaly forecast by the GFS maintains excessive rainfall for much of the nation into early July.
06/15/2020, 8:17 am EDT

Europe Avoids Early Summer Drought Thanks to June Rains.

Late May Europe soil moisture was scary-dry! However, early-to-middle June brought pattern change...a much wetter climate. 10-day forecasts maintain the wet weather pattern across Europe easing the drought risk present in late May.
06/12/2020, 1:45 pm EDT

Great Plains Soil Moisture is Trending Much Drier

Central U.S. seasonal soil moisture trend is notably drier. Occasional hot and dry weather events will accelerate the dryness. A period of hot weather is ahead late weekend and next week for the central and southern Great Plains further aggravating the drier soil trend for much of that region.