03/31/2018, 12:15 pm EDT

Bureau of Meteorology/Australia Forecasts -IOD Pattern…Brings Wet Winter to Australia

Top ENSO/IOD climate forecaster, The Bureau of Meteorology/Australia projects negative phase of the Indian Ocean Dipole (-IOD) to emerge during the Australian winter season likely bringing a wet climate for western and southern Australia relieving drought in the southeast.
03/22/2018, 8:06 pm EDT

Bring on Weak El Nino for Later 2018

Using multivariate ENSO index to analog the 2017-18 regime forward through 2018 and into early 2019 yields strong evidence that a weak El Nino is ahead for 2018. There are climate diagnostics present now to support this possibility.
03/20/2018, 11:07 am EDT

Another Major Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Snowstorm

Yet another major snowstorm is indicated for midweek with one foot of snow expected Philadelphia to New York City to start calendar spring. Several inches of snow extend as far south as Richmond, VA. Boston will receive 6-9 in. of snow.
03/13/2018, 4:37 am EDT

Bureau of Meteorology/Australia Calls Off La Nina; Neutral ENSO for 2018

One of the weakest La Nina episodes on record fades in March 2018. ENSO forecast expert, Bureau of Meteorology/Australia indicates La Nina officially ends. The outlook is neutral phase for 2018 as returning La Nina or a new El Nino is not expected this year.