04/19/2020, 11:35 am EDT

Another Life Threatening Severe Weather/Flash Flood event East Texas to Southeast U.S.

Another California upper trough has shifted east, similar to last week at this time and the same result will occur…entrainment of unusually warm Gulf of Mexico moisture (into the trough) and catalyst for another exceptional severe weather/excessive rainfall event.
04/14/2020, 12:50 pm EDT

Indian Ocean Dipole Outlook: Possible Negative Phase by July

An emerging negative Indian Ocean Dipole for JUL/AUG is (now) forecast by the Australia Bureau of Meteorology. -IOD favors a wetter winter climate pattern across Australia likely easing any remaining drought across the continent.
04/12/2020, 8:38 am EDT

The Gulf States, Southeast U.S. And East Coast Severe Weather Episode April 12-13

The eastern two-thirds of the U.S. is affected by an unusually strong springtime storm the next 2 days featuring heavy snow and high wind leading to blizzard conditions in the Upper Midwest, a hot high wind pushing southern Texas to near 100 today, a wide area of tornadoes starting in Texas this morning and expanding to the Southeast U.S. and Tennessee Valley later today and tonight and high wind on the East Coast tomorrow.
04/07/2020, 9:42 am EDT

Global Soil Moisture Report: One of the wettest seasonal change analysis on record.

Widespread wet changes to global soil moisture during quarter 1 of 2020 was observed including each continent except South America where widespread drier trends were identified.