08/11/2022, 8:06 am EDT

Lack of Widespread Warmth of the North Atlantic Basin May Limit 2022 Hurricanes

During the mid-to-late 1990’s to 2022, the North Atlantic basin entered a decadal warm cycle. Most of that time the North Atlantic basin has produced warmer-than-normal SST accounting for an uptick in tropical cyclone activity. The Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation (AMO) is a SSTA index covering the entire North Atlantic basin.
08/10/2022, 9:43 am EDT

Dramatic Regional SSTA Having Impact on Global Climate

Many regions of warm/cool SSTA are adversely affecting global climate in July 2022 and now into August including the northeast Pacific Marine Heat Wave and super-warm waters off the Asia East Coast plus surrounding Europe. Meanwhile the tropical North Atlantic has not warmed as expected (yet).
08/08/2022, 12:56 pm EDT

U.S. 3rd Hottest July on Record

July 2022 was a brutally hot mid-summer for most Americans. July 2022 ranked 3rd hottest of the 128-year climatology. Texas observed their hottest July on record inspired by harsh drought. 7 states observed all-time to-5 months of July stretching from Oregon to Rhode Island.