07/22/2022, 12:04 pm EDT

3rd Year of La Nina Rainfall Climatology for North and South America

Forecasts for a 3rd consecutive La Nina year are confident. 3rd La Nina years are rare. Using the operational Nino index (ONI) for 1950-2022 yields 3 ENSO regimes (1956, 1975 and 2000) in which a 3rd consecutive La Nina year occurred. In that 3rd year of La Nina, widespread dryness affects the Central to Southeast U.S. and Brazil.
07/21/2022, 10:13 am EDT

Climate Impact Company Issues New Season 1-3 Ahead Outlook

The Climate Impact Company U.S. season 1-3 ahead forecast valid for meteorological autumn 2022, winter 2022-23 and spring 2023 is issued. The forecast is based on a constructed analog (please see methodology on CIC client pages). High impact highlights include a warm autumn season featuring very dry weather in the Mid-south States. Autumn tropical cyclone risk is highest in Florida and the Mid-Atlantic Coast. Next winter is cold and snowy across the North-central U.S. while the South and East enjoy a mild season.
07/19/2022, 4:55 am EDT

Africa ITCZ Leads to Europe Heatwave

Typical of Europe heatwaves, extreme heat from the African Desert is propelled northward by the subtropical ridge this time inspired by the combination of a strong Africa ITCZ and an offshore Southwest Europe low-pressure area. The southerly flow ahead of the low-pressure area guided an amplified subtropical ridge into Western Europe to deliver historic heat the past few days.