09/01/2020, 10:24 am EDT

Negative Indian Ocean Dipole Ahead

Negative phase Indian Ocean Dipole is forecast to develop the next 1-3 months. Coupled with La Nina a wet Australia climate ahead is likely. 2010 and 1998 were -IOD years with La Nina present during quarter 4. The result was a very wet climate across northern and eastern Australia.
08/30/2020, 12:02 pm EDT

Classic -PDO/+AMO Late Summer Drought In Iowa

Research (Greg McCabe, Julie Betancourt and Michael Palecki) has shown that the -PDO/+AMO regime has a tendency to increase drought risk across the Southwest and Midwest U.S. during the warm season. The current U.S. soil moisture regime certainly recognizes the -PDO/+AMO influence on late summer soil moisture.
08/26/2020, 11:58 am EDT

NOAA/NHC Now Forecasting 15-20 Foot Storm Surge Southwest Louisiana Coast

The NOAA/NHC storm surge forecast has increased to 15-20 feet near the TX/LA state line eastward along the southwest coast of Louisiana. The storm surge is 10-15 feet on the upper Texas coast and 10-15 feet central Louisiana coast. The forecast identifies a record storm surge for this location with catastrophic coastal damage extending well inland for low-lying land and also major loss of life for anyone along or just inland the coast.
08/25/2020, 6:03 am EDT

Laura Likely To Approach Category-4 Hurricane Intensity in the Northwest Gulf Wednesday Night

Laura should easily reach category-3 hurricane intensity in the western half of the Gulf of Mexico midweek and possibly a category-4 hurricane prior to striking the northwest Gulf of Mexico coast early Thursday.