11/04/2018, 5:40 pm EST

Madden Julian Oscillation Causes Severe Intensity of Italy Storm

An intra-seasonal migrating tropical feature known as the Madden Julian oscillation representative of a massive area of tropical thunderstorm activity was tapped by a low pressure system south of France on November 2 making the attendant storm much stronger and causing widespread damage including 17 deaths across Italy.
11/03/2018, 1:53 pm EDT

NOAA Forecasts An El Nino Climate By Second Half of November – But Will it Happen?

An El Nino climate should develop shortly as announcements on El Nino onset are expected from NOAA shortly. But will the El Nino climate unfold later this month as NOAA indicates?
10/31/2018, 4:29 am EDT

Europe Drought To Return & Re-Intensify

Short-term heavy rain/high wind the past couple days have affected much of Europe. The Rhine River levels have recovered due to the recent precipitation. However, the strong upper ridge pattern causing the 2018 drought is about to re-establish itself and November looks very dry across Europe.
10/28/2018, 9:52 am EDT

“Warm Blobs” of Ocean Water Lead to November 2018 Global Climate Extremes

"Warm blobs" are back! They'll affect November 2018 global climate coupled with increasing influence of El Nino. Some of the November 2018 climate extremes? Record warmth northeast China, heavy snow and Central Russia and harsh heat for Eastern Australia. "Cool blobs" are involved also sustaining European drought.