04/12/2020, 8:38 am EDT

The Gulf States, Southeast U.S. And East Coast Severe Weather Episode April 12-13

The eastern two-thirds of the U.S. is affected by an unusually strong springtime storm the next 2 days featuring heavy snow and high wind leading to blizzard conditions in the Upper Midwest, a hot high wind pushing southern Texas to near 100 today, a wide area of tornadoes starting in Texas this morning and expanding to the Southeast U.S. and Tennessee Valley later today and tonight and high wind on the East Coast tomorrow.
04/07/2020, 9:42 am EDT

Global Soil Moisture Report: One of the wettest seasonal change analysis on record.

Widespread wet changes to global soil moisture during quarter 1 of 2020 was observed including each continent except South America where widespread drier trends were identified.
04/03/2020, 7:14 am EDT

North Atlantic 2020 Tropical Cyclone Season Forecast: Busy season; significant coastal threats.

A dangerous tropical cyclone season is ahead for the North Atlantic basin. A warm North Atlantic coupled with a potential weak La Nina is the recipe for an active season with above average number of hurricanes. Climate Impact Company projects a blocking high pressure over northeastern North America during peak of season which could cause systems near the U.S. East Coast to turn inland.
03/30/2020, 8:16 am EDT

Strongest Arctic Oscillation on Record

Rare are 3 consecutive months of the same intense polar vortex location during the winter season. However, the lack of displacement of the polar vortex from the North Pole during winter 2019-20 was a leading catalyst to the increased mild maritime influence across most of the continental northern hemisphere causing a record warm winter.