10/09/2018, 10:26 am EDT

Bureau of Meteorology/Australia Fortifies El Nino Forecast for 2018-19

There's no denying the immense warmth in the equatorial Pacific subsurface and (now) recent warming of the NINO SSTA regions. A fortified El Nino ahead adjustment is made to the Bureau of Meteorology/Australia forecast.
10/07/2018, 7:23 pm EDT

Re-Amplifying Upper Ridge To Extend European Drought

In September the super dry pattern of the 2018 warm season across Europe continued. Less than 50% of normal rainfall was observed across much of Southeast Europe, France and parts of north/northeast Europe plus Portugal into Spain and Italy. The climate pattern causing the drought initiated last spring and continues into autumn likely intensifying the next 2+ weeks.
10/05/2018, 9:58 am EDT

ECMWF “Monthlies” Indicate Australian Drought Worsens During Summer

Positive phase of the Indian Ocean Dipole and El Nino, possibly El Nino Modoki combine to support the anomalous dry and hot climate forecast by the European Center for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) "monthlies" model provided by CWG/Storm Vista.
10/03/2018, 5:44 pm EDT

3 North Pacific Intense Tropical Cyclones

Kong-Rey was just downgraded to a category 2 typhoon turning north toward South Korea and Japan. Meanwhile Walaka is a category 4 hurricane west of Hawaii heading north. In the East Pacific Sergio is a major hurricane still intensifying while moving west.