09/11/2021, 10:16 am EDT

Texas and Mid-Atlantic Coast Tropical Threats Emerging

Several new issues have emerged in the tropics – all of which could impact the U.S. The first is Tropical Disturbance 94L. This system will enter the Bay of Campeche as a low-pressure system today. Over the warm waters of this region, 94L should have no problem strengthening to a tropical depression in 24 hours and a tropical storm within 36-48 hours.
09/09/2021, 12:50 pm EDT

Hottest Summer On Record According to NOAA!

According to NOAA the meteorological summer (JUN/JUL/AUG) season of 2021 was the hottest on record given the 127-year climatology. Most of the West U.S. including California set all-time records for hottest summer on record. Nationally, the summer 2021 season was also wet ranking 8th wettest on record. Mississippi observed their wettest summer on record.
09/08/2021, 4:45 pm EDT

Where We Stand On The Tropics As Peak Of Season (September 10) Arrives

According to Colorado State University, seasonal activity so far in 2021 is about twice normal. Based on the rate of activity so far, seasonal forecasts issued earlier this summer may not be sufficiently active. NOAA's upper limit of their range forecast indicate up to 9 additional tropical storms, 5 hurricanes and 2 intense hurricanes.
09/03/2021, 5:01 am EDT

The Contribution of Warm SSTA to the Intensity of “Ida”

The warm SSTA pattern in the northern Gulf of Mexico just-prior to Ida's passage and off the U.S. East Coast as the remains of Ida traversed the northern Mid-Atlantic States provided a significant contribution to the storms unprecedented intensity over such a large (inland) stretch.