02/27/2022, 12:01 pm EST

Colder/Snowier Pattern Black Sea Region Ahead

The East Atlantic/Western Russia 15-day forecast reveals a moderate-to-strong positive phase developing during the medium-range. Supported is an evolving colder and (more) snowy pattern in the Black Sea region.
02/23/2022, 10:17 am EST

South America Pattern Change

A pattern change is welcomed news for Brazil. A semi-permanent low-pressure area southeast of Brazil present much of summer was responsible for heavy rain and frequent flooding. The 15-day outlook indicates a pattern change...high-pressure over southeastern Brazil which promises a drier climate heading into early March while Argentina turns wet.
02/17/2022, 4:39 am EST

Another Catastrophic Brazil Flooding Event

Another major rainfall/flooding/landslide event has taken place in Brazil this time in Petropolis located in the hills above Rio de Janeiro and following historical rainfall/flooding events in Sao Paolo in late January and Minas Gerais in mid-January. The excessive rainfall events in Brazil have been common during summer 2021-22 extending westward from the Brazil Coast to Central/Southwest Brazil.
02/16/2022, 9:14 am EST

Australia Dry/Hot Pattern Ahead

After two years of a generally wetter than normal climate across Australia there are signs of dry and hot weather ahead. Forecast models are very dry and turn quite hot across north and west portions of Australia over the next 2 weeks.