03/24/2019, 1:28 pm EDT

Dynamics of Tropical Cyclone Idai

Once again a large "blob" of much warmer than normal ocean water in the tropics/subtropics increased available energy to cause a tropical cyclone to flourish and intensify while moving slowly to cause maximum damage due to a blocking subtropical ridge pole ward of the storm.
03/21/2019, 3:28 pm EDT

Oncoming El Nino (Persistent Negative Southern Oscillation) Lead to Wet FEB/MAR Pattern in U.S.

The atmosphere finally coupled with the equatorial East Pacific warming the past 7 weeks as demonstrated by a persistent negative phase of the southern oscillation index. The evolving El Nino climate helped to inspire heavy precipitation events.
03/19/2019, 8:21 am EDT

Bureau of Meteorology/Australia Annouces El Nino Alert

The Bureau of Meterology/Australia annouces an EL Nino Alert today. Meanwhile 2 tropical cyclones are likely to cause damaging high wind and flooding to northeast/north and northwest portions of Australia.
03/18/2019, 10:28 am EDT

Trevor To Intensify and Strike Australia (Twice)

Tropical Storm Trevor intensifies to a category 1 tropical cyclone and strikes northeast Australia tomorrow then weakens over land before re-emerging to the north of Australia later this week when strengthening to a category 2 tropical cyclone is possible before a scecond landfall.