Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Report

ECMWF Forecasts a Major New England Blizzard for the Weekend!
01/24/2022, 5:15 pm EST
ERCOT Cold Outbreak Later Next Week!
01/27/2022, 5:35 am EST
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Northern Hemisphere Snow Report

Eastern U.S. snow cover trending toward MUCH ABOVE normal. Black Sea/Ukraine/Turkey region MUCH ABOVE normal. Heavy snow and cold pattern developing in China.

Fig. 1: North America snow cover analysis reveals above normal snow cover for the Interior Northeast Corridor and western Kansas while the North-central Great Plains and parts of the Interior West have no snow. Remember, snow cover will bias the climate pattern colder.

Fig. 2: Ukraine, Southwest Russia and Turkey are observing a snowy mid-winter with MUCH ABOVE snow cover. North/northeast China also observe above normal snow cover ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Fig. 3: The ECM ENS forecasts significant snow in their 10-day outlook for the East-central/Midwest States and the coastal Northeast Corridor.  

Fig. 4: The ECM ENS maintains a snowy pattern in the Black Sea region to Turkey over the next 10 days. A snowy pattern emerges in the Baltic region plus Eastern Europe in the 10-day forecast most occurring in the 6-10-day timeframe.

Fig. 5: A persistent strong low-latitude upper trough causes a snowy pattern to emerge in China through the first third of February.  

Fig. 6: Not surprisingly, given the snowy forecast, China is very cold in the ECM ENS 15-day temperature anomaly outlook.