09/27/2020, 11:17 am EDT

Western U.S. Drought To Expand Into Great Plains. Western Russia Drought Continues.

Recent helpful research published in the AMS Journal of Climate identifies deep layer soil moisture deficits as a potential catalyst to future drought (and flash drought during the warm season). Northern hemisphere summer has ended BUT there area significant deep layer soil moisture shortages likely to cause Southwest U.S. drought to expand to the central and southern Great Plains. Similarly, emerging deep layer soil moisture anomalies in Southwest/West-central Russia foreshadow intensifying drought ahead.
09/21/2020, 11:47 am EDT

La Nina Is Intact Now

La Nina is intact and plenty of subsurface eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean cool water is present to sustain La Nina. Forecast models indicate La Nina peaks later this year. Interestingly, a reversal toward a weak El Nino next summer is also indicated.
09/20/2020, 1:55 pm EDT

Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent 2nd Lowest on Record

The northern hemisphere sea ice extent ranks 2nd lowest on record for the September 2020. The only year in which northern hemisphere sea ice was less abundant was 2012. The lack of sea ice does not mean that winter ahead will be warm.
09/16/2020, 1:48 pm EDT

Emerging New Issue in the Gulf of Mexico

Meanwhile another area of concern has evolved in the southwest Gulf of Mexico. NOAA/NHC indicates tropical cyclone risk is 40% within the next 48 hours and >60% after 48 hours. The midday GFS develops this system into a tropical cyclone Friday by midday just north of the central Bay of Campeche. Unclear is whether this system sits in the west-central Gulf of Mexico into early weekend or drifts north toward Louisiana.