06/30/2021, 9:43 am EDT

Early Start To The Season In The Deep Tropics

Normally, threatening tropical waves for tropical cyclone development develop after August 1st. However, this year the deep tropics are looking active early! Tropical Disturbance 95L is approaching the Caribbean Sea and is encountering upper shear likely to prevent this system from organizing further.
06/29/2021, 5:06 am EDT

Southern Brazil Chill Reaches Southern Coffee Areas

Unseasonably cool air stretches across Argentina into southeastern Brazil this morning. On average, temperatures are 15-20F below normal across southwest and southeast Brazil to northern Argentina and >25F below normal over Paraguay. The far southern coffee crop area in southeastern Brazil is in the low 30’s/upper 20’s (-3C to -1C) toward dawn.
06/29/2021, 4:59 am EDT

Much of The U.S. Is In A Drought Or Has Drought Concerns Heading Into Mid-Summer

A review of rainfall needed to neutralize dry Palmer Drought Severity Index reveals much of the U.S. is either in a drought or has drought concerns as mid-summer approaches. The West/Northwest to North-central drought is historic. However, Florida has slipped into a harsh drought. Much of the Northeast and East also has significant rainfall shortages.
06/27/2021, 11:23 am EDT

Northwest U.S. Super-heat!

An Excessive Heat Warning continues in the Northwest U.S. stretching into parts of California and north to Calgary by tomorrow. Seattle, Portland and Spokane will break all-time records for the June 27-July 6 stretch.