06/25/2024, 8:20 am EDT

La Nina Development Stalls

The Nino34 SSTA located in the east-central equatorial Pacific Ocean warmed to +0.3C last week. The 30-day southern oscillation index (SOI) average is an El Nino-like -0.66 and projected to finish June at the -0.50 El Nino threshold. Upper ocean heat in the equatorial Pacific was at a cool peak, supportive of La Nina development 2-3 months ago. Since that time the cool anomaly to support La Nina has lost half of its intensity.
06/25/2024, 8:13 am EDT

Rapid Drought Development Warning Issued for Mid-south, Southern Ohio Valley, and Mid-Atlantic

As stated on several occasions via soil moisture observations and trend and yesterday’s 2-5-week outlook, conditions for developing and expanding drought in the U.S. are favorable. NOAA/CPC identified specific regions in an alert issued late yesterday. They are eastern Oklahoma, the southern Missouri Valley, southern Ohio Valley to the western Tennessee Valley, and Mid-Atlantic region.
06/24/2024, 9:14 am EDT

Dramatic Cooling of the Gulf of Mexico

The recent heavy rainfall event across Southern Florida shifting westward and into Texas enhanced by Tropical Storm Alberto created plentiful cloudiness, rainfall, and windy conditions to cause the Gulf of Mexico basin to cool to near normal. The 30-day change in Gulf of Mexico basin SST is a remarkable -1.08C.