06/13/2024, 2:34 pm EDT

The Tall Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

A conservative projection of sea level height anomalies across the Gulf of Mexico now is in the 2-6-inch range. When tropical cyclones pass across the higher sea level, the wedge of water pushed inland by a storm surge is considerably higher.
06/13/2024, 9:31 am EDT

U.S. Energy Market Early Notes

Once again, Climate Impact Company raises the U.S. population weight CDD forecast for each month of meteorological summer (Fig. 1). The new forecast is the hottest so far and slowly getting closer to the hottest on record this century. Anticipated electricity demand on the U.S. grid is on the increase.
06/12/2024, 11:13 am EDT

Atlantic Upper Ocean Heat is Becoming Less Impressive

Upper ocean heat anomalies in the equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean remain warmer than normal but at less intensity as indicated 2 months ago. Meanwhile, cooling in the equatorial East Pacific subsurface is impressive but not realized at the ocean surface as ENSO has settled into neutral phase.
06/12/2024, 5:21 am EDT

Daily Feature: Warmer/Wetter Than Normal Spring 2024 in U.S.

Meteorological spring (MAR/APR/MAY) 2024 was the 10th warmest on record. A record warm spring was observed in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The entire South, East-central, and East U.S. was MUCH ABOVE normal and included the second warmest spring on record for Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.