12/30/2021, 3:58 pm EST

ECMWF Snowfall Forecasts in the East Through 10 Days

Inevitable is the evolution of a snowy pattern Central to Northeast U.S. given the large cold air source region in Western Canada to the North-central U.S. The clash of that cold with milder temperatures in the East means snow or rain-to-snow events from Kansas to New England in the 10-day outlook.
12/30/2021, 3:45 pm EST

December 2021 Pattern Eases West U.S. Drought

December 2021 upper air 500 MB height anomalies identify the prevailing weather pattern. A West Coast upper trough propels a stormy regime. In the East both the polar and subtropical jet streams arc into a ridge position bringing historic warmth. Note the upper air pattern runs parallel to the regional SSTA regimes in the northeast Pacific and western North Atlantic.
12/28/2021, 12:54 pm EST

Sneaky Cold New York/New England Next TUE/WED!

Arctic air in Western Canada to the northern Great Plains means potential for sneaky cold anywhere that has snow cover. The 12Z GFS indicates a pulse of arctic air across New York/New England next TUE/WED!
12/28/2021, 4:57 am EST

The Climate Drivers Leading to Historic Flooding in Brazil

To the north of a blocking high-pressure system stretched west-to-east across southern portions of South America, two cutoff upper-level low-pressure systems have formed. One low is southeast of Brazil and is causing historic rainfall across Brazil. A second upper low is off the West Coast of South America causing the heavy rain pattern to arc westward. The upper-level features are reflected in the regional SSTA pattern. These conditions are likely to last into January causing more excessive rainfall in Brazil.