03/31/2023, 8:38 am EDT

Blizzards, Tornadoes, and High Wind Central Into East States

A major storm reaching Iowa by early this afternoon spawns almost coast-to-coast hazards including a blizzard in South Dakota to Minnesota, severe thunderstorms featuring a tornado risk in Iowa and eastern Arkansas, and widespread damaging wind gusts from the southwest Great Plains to the Appalachian States.
03/29/2023, 2:31 pm EDT

Updating The North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity Climatology According to ENSO

An updated climatology for North Atlantic tropical cyclone activity according to El Nino southern oscillation (ENSO) phase plus a review of long-term cycles of ENSO, the Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation (AMO), and tropical North Atlantic (TNA) index.
03/28/2023, 8:55 am EDT

Another Round of Unusually Intense Severe Weather/Flooding Rainfall Ahead for East-central U.S.

Another round of unusually intense severe weather is forecast for late this week and again in the extended-range across the East-central and Mid-south U.S. according to NOAA. The catalyst to the exceptionally strong severe weather is the increased low atmospheric moisture across the somewhat warmer than normal Gulf of Mexico and the persistent negative Pacific North America (-PNA) pattern propelling an energetic jet stream across Mexico to the Mid-south U.S.
03/27/2023, 1:53 pm EDT

Influence of MJO Could Inspire Much Wetter Texas Forecast in 11-15 Days

Agreement is not perfect, but Madden Julian oscillation may erupt again in the equatorial Pacific in 10+ days igniting a subtropical moisture flow into the southern U.S. causing some much-needed rainfall across Texas.