04/29/2020, 10:45 am EDT

Slow-moving Severe Weather/Excessive Rainfall Event into the East

An intense upper trough over the Tennessee Valley shifts east slowly causing more severe storms in the Southeast and excessive rainfall Mid-Atlantic and Northeast States. Flood watch areas are posted for the entire Mid-Atlantic region.
04/28/2020, 12:49 pm EDT

Australia Bureau of Meteorology ENSO and IOD Update

Forecast confidence is increasing in regard to negative phase of the Indian Ocean Dipole developing for Australian winter which supports a wet climate across most Australian crop areas.
04/27/2020, 8:59 am EDT

Developing Deep Layer Soil Moisture Deficit and Late Summer Dryness/Heat Caused Southeast Brazil Flash Drought

The synoptic climate details enabling the dry pattern in Southeast Brazil were caused by two regimes…a moist northeast trade wind flow into Northeast Brazil and reaching Central Brazil caused by the negative phase of the Atlantic meridional mode (-AMM) and by the prevailing (dry) land breeze across Southeast Brazil trailing a persistent deep upper trough east of Uruguay.