07/31/2022, 12:07 pm EDT

Focus on Nebraska/Iowa Rapid Drought Development Risk

The 15-day hot and dry weather forecast for the Great Plains featuring some excessive heat coupled with vast worsening dryness for both shallow and deep layer soil moisture increases the risk for rapidly developing drought for the first half of August.
07/28/2022, 7:55 am EDT

North Atlantic Basin Starting to Warm

The North Atlantic basin is steadily warming. However, there are regions with robust warming and cooling that combine and lead to the warm anomaly.
07/28/2022, 5:04 am EDT

What Weather Pattern Makes a Cold Winter in Europe?

Before issuing the Europe winter 2022-23 climate outlook, a review of what makes a cold winter in Europe is reviewed. Wintertime since the turn of the century is examined. Results identify two regimes: A cold period for most of the first 13 winter seasons of this century and generally mild winter seasons during the past 9 years.
07/26/2022, 11:32 am EDT

Tropical Upper Tropospheric Trough across Western Caribbean Sea

In the western Caribbean Sea, an upper-level tropospheric trough (TUTT) is persisting. High-level wind identifies the northeast to east wind across the northern Gulf of Mexico to the south of an intense subtropical high-pressure area over Texas.