07/10/2022, 7:59 pm EDT

Solar Cycle 25 Continues to Strengthen Rapidly

Solar Cycle 25 appears to be intensifying more rapidly than initially forecast. Based on this early stage of solar cycle 25 observations, the solar peak projected for mid-decade is likely much stronger than previously forecast. There is potential for a historic solar maximum if the current rate of strengthening continues. Despite the potential for an exceptionally strong solar maximum, the correlation to larger than normal geomagnetic storms are not necessarily expected.
07/10/2022, 7:30 pm EDT

La Nina Climate Persists; La Nina 2020-22 Continues

Four lengthy La Nina precedents from the past 35 years indicate that historically, La Nina fades after 2 years. What follows is mixed with 2 analog years staying in neutral phase while 1 analog year surges into a strong El Nino and another returned to weak La Nina. In 1+ years the analog maintains an equal split between strong La Nina or El Nino plus 2 years staying in neutral phase.
07/06/2022, 6:10 am EDT

Flooding/Excessive Heat Continue Across U.S. Crop Areas

A collision of extremes in the Midwest U.S. this morning. Extreme rainfall leads to flash flooding in Indiana and Ohio overnight. A flood watch extends from Indiana to West Virginia. Just south of the heavy rain belt, an Excessive Heat Warning is issued for the Missouri to Tennessee Valley(s).