08/31/2023, 10:36 am EDT

Based On ACE Index, 2023 About 33% More Active Than Normal So Far

The latest seasonal totals so far assembled by Colorado State University (CSU) indicates 11 tropical storms have formed with 3 reaching hurricane strength including 2 major hurricanes. The accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) index is 48.6 compared to the normal value for this date of 36.3. Using the ACE index, the 2023 season so far is judged about 33% more intense than normal.
08/31/2023, 8:25 am EDT

Late Season Heatwave Focused on the Mid-Atlantic Next Week

ECM (and GFS) project a Mid-Atlantic heatwave for next week. The hot weather begins on Sunday and strengthens rapidly on Labor Day. The following work week brings persistent heat beneath sunny skies each day particularly in the Mid-Atlantic region. High temperatures are consistently in the mid-to-upper 90’s in the Washington, DC area with a string of 97’s as far west as Cincinnati.
08/30/2023, 6:07 am EDT

Extraordinarily Warm (and Dry) U.S. Medium-range Forecasts

The U.S. shifts into an extraordinarily warm September pattern as indicated in today's medium-range forecast which trends warmer in the 11-15-day period as indicated by ECM ENS. Almost the entire U.S. is warmer than normal as mid-September arrives.