Late Season Heatwave Focused on the Mid-Atlantic Next Week

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Fig. 1-4: ECM identifies a heat wave during next week’s workweek centered on the Mid-Atlantic region.  

Discussion: ECM (and GFS) project a Mid-Atlantic heatwave for next week. The hot weather begins on Sunday and strengthens rapidly on Labor Day. The following work week brings persistent heat beneath sunny skies each day particularly in the Mid-Atlantic region. High temperatures are consistently in the mid-to-upper 90’s in the Washington, DC area with a string of 97’s as far west as Cincinnati. In New York City, 2 days of 90F is possible mid-next week. The heat is beginning to abate next Friday in the Ohio Valley but continues in the Mid-Atlantic States although less extreme. An offshore low-pressure trough could keep coastal locations cooler and likely prevents the heat wave from reaching New England.