09/29/2021, 2:11 pm EDT

November Optimum Climate Normal

In 2013 the northeast Pacific Ocean turned extremely warm while south-southeast of Greenland the North Atlantic turned colder than normal. These conditions have been dominant since that time and affecting the North America climate more so than ENSO while also influencing the character of conventional climate signals (AO, NAO, PNA, WPO and EPO).
09/28/2021, 1:53 pm EDT

Regional SSTA Tracking

Climate Impact Company follows regional SSTA closely as to their influence on climate and climate projections.
09/26/2021, 4:54 pm EDT

U.S. Monthly Summer 2021 CDD Anomalies/What To Expect For U.S. Monthly Winter 2021-22 HDD Anomalies

U.S. population weight cooling degree day anomalies for each month of the 2021 warm season indicate a highly variable pattern featuring two excessive warm spikes in June and August surrounding a moderate warm anomaly for July. Note the character of the 2021 warm season featured two hot monthly spikes compared with steadily warmer anomalous months from June to September of the past two summer seasons.