03/31/2022, 12:17 pm EDT

Timing Mid-Atlantic Severe Weather Today

A new squall line is forecast to develop mid-afternoon today in central Pennsylvania to northeast West Virginia and shift eastward and intensify bringing flash flood rainfall and a possible tornado to Maryland and south/east Pennsylvania.
03/30/2022, 2:44 pm EDT

Projecting Maximum Intensity of Today’s Southeast U.S. Squall Line

The ongoing severe weather event in the southern states continues to track eastward. According to the HRRR model, peak lightning intensity is around 9PM CDT near Baton Rouge, LA and northeastward to the east of Jackson, MS. The maximum intensity of the squall line is at 11PM CDT stretching from just east of New Orleans northeastward to Birmingham. A lot of severe weather at night – an extremely dangerous combination.
03/30/2022, 9:07 am EDT

Plethora of High Impact Weather Events Ahead in U.S.

A major tornado outbreak for Mississippi/Alabama today accompanied by excessive rain with flash flood risk extending north to the southwest Tennessee Valley. Another severe weather/flooding event is indicated for early next week in the Mid-south States. Also, early next week an excessive hot weather events in in the forecast for California.
03/29/2022, 11:35 am EDT

Dryness Returns to Wheat-growing Areas of East China

Late calendar winter was dry in East China wheat-growing areas raising concern regarding drought. However, due to presence of the Madden Julian oscillation in the far western Pacific during the past 10 days a wetter regime eased the dryness. New week 2-4 forecasts reveal the dryness returns!