08/31/2020, 4:53 pm EDT

Deep Layer Soil Moisture Deficits Increase Flash Drought Risk

Late season heat in Iowa last week coupled with deep layer soil moisture deficit over the northern state and widespread soil moisture deficts in the shallow soil moisture produced a borderline flash drought episode. Deep layer soil moisture deficits are spread across the North-central U.S., western Great Plains and Southeast U.S. Fortunately, early autumn cool weather and likely a wet regime in the Southeast eases additional flash drought risk.
08/30/2020, 12:02 pm EDT

Classic -PDO/+AMO Late Summer Drought In Iowa

Research (Greg McCabe, Julie Betancourt and Michael Palecki) has shown that the -PDO/+AMO regime has a tendency to increase drought risk across the Southwest and Midwest U.S. during the warm season. The current U.S. soil moisture regime certainly recognizes the -PDO/+AMO influence on late summer soil moisture.
08/26/2020, 11:58 am EDT

NOAA/NHC Now Forecasting 15-20 Foot Storm Surge Southwest Louisiana Coast

The NOAA/NHC storm surge forecast has increased to 15-20 feet near the TX/LA state line eastward along the southwest coast of Louisiana. The storm surge is 10-15 feet on the upper Texas coast and 10-15 feet central Louisiana coast. The forecast identifies a record storm surge for this location with catastrophic coastal damage extending well inland for low-lying land and also major loss of life for anyone along or just inland the coast.