05/30/2023, 8:20 am EDT

U.S. May 2023 Wind Speeds Below Normal Due to -SOI

During May 2023 U.S. wind power generation was below normal on both zonal and meridional directional scales. Wind power generation areas across the Upper Midwest/Midwest U.S. and southwest Great Plains/Western Texas were each affected by the lighter than normal wind speed regimes. The macro-scale driver of the lighter wind speeds was an El Nino-like climate as defined by a vigorous negative phase of the southern oscillation index.
05/29/2023, 9:16 am EDT

Midwest U.S. Continues to Dry Out

Soil moisture anomalies continue to trend drier across the Midwest U.S. Strong dryness extends from the central Great Plains to the Mid-Atlantic region. The GFS 15-day rainfall outlook maintains the dryness across most of the areas trending drier during May.