09/30/2022, 9:46 am EDT

Air Liquide PPTX Presentation: Hurricane Ian

09/29/2022, 11:14 am EDT

PBF Energy 5-Day Weather Alert

Highlight: Mid-Atlantic locations on northern fringe of the remains of Ian weekend. Refineries… Delaware City, DE and Paulsboro, NJ: Mostly sunny and cool today. Clouds will arrive tomorrow. On Saturday rain is likely with a moderate northeast wind. Sunday remains cloudy with more rain likely. On Monday, skies stay cloudy but rain ends. Toledo, OH: Sunny and cool today. A few clouds but staying dry into early next week with highs mostly in the 60’s. New Orleans, LA: A few clouds today and cooler than normal upper 70’s. Warmer 80’s with sunshine weekend/early next week. California Market… Martinez (near Concord): Sunny pattern with light west wind each day. Highs in the 85-90 range. Torrance, CA (using Santa Maria, CA): The marine pattern is locked-in. Night fogs burn off during the day yielding high temperatures mostly in the upper 60’s. HQ… Parsippany: Sunny and seasonably cool today. An increase in clouds and cooler tomorrow. The weekend brings rain and windy conditions and staying cool. Staying cool with clouds but no rain on Monday. Houston… A sunny pattern and pleasant with 80’s into early next week. Calgary… Fair skies into early next week with warmer-than-normal 60’s each day but not as warm as yesterday’s 85.    
09/29/2022, 9:40 am EDT

Air Liquide 3-Week Extreme Heat/Humidity Outlook

09/28/2022, 3:42 pm EDT

Warmer Oceans Increasing Risk of Stronger Hurricanes

The warm phase of the Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation coupled with a constricting polar ice cap have caused a dramatic warm-up of mid-latitude to tropical ocean temperatures providing increased upper ocean heat igniting stronger hurricanes.