09/09/2022, 1:33 pm EDT

NOAA Summer/August 2022 State Climate Rankings

Summer 2022 was hot – again! Summer of 2022 ranked 3rd hottest of 128 years of climatology. Last year ranked the hottest summer on record. Summer of 2020 was 4th hottest on record. One commonality with each summer of the past 3 years is the presence of a La Nina climate.
09/09/2022, 9:32 am EDT

Both Tropical and Non-Tropical Heavy Rains/Flash Flooding Southwest and Southeast This Weekend

Tropical Storm Kay causes high wind, heavy rain and flash flooding across Southern California today. The heavy rain/flash flood risk expands into Central California tomorrow. A non-tropical heavy rain event causes heavy rain/flash flooding in the northeast Gulf States today.
09/07/2022, 8:29 am EDT

North Atlantic “Fish Storms”

The North Atlantic basin is producing significant tropical cyclones, but they are well out-to-sea and more of a threat to Europe than North America. The western North Atlantic basin remains protected from tropical cyclone risk by the tropical upper tropospheric trough (TUTT) still located over Western Cuba.
09/07/2022, 5:36 am EDT

Emerging Drought Areas Heading Into 2023: Southeast U.S., East Africa and Argentina

The Climate Impact Company soil moisture outlook through the end of 2022 indicates emerging important dryness for the Southeast U.S., East Africa and Argentina to Southeast Brazil while China drought continues.