California Heat Wave Blasts Through This Week; Thunderstorm Pattern to Follow

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Fig. 1: California heatwave ends next Monday as temperatures ease back to normal according to ECM.

Discussion: Starting with the GOOD NEWS first, ECM projects California maximum temperatures shift back to near normal by early next week. The Monday maximum temperature forecast is seasonably hot (90’s) well inland with 70’s at the coast (Fig. 1). However, searing heat precedes the cooldown with maximum heat likely tomorrow (Fig. 2) when widespread 110’s is observed including mid 90’s in San Francisco and Los Angeles (up to 110F in Burbank, CA). From mid-to-late week the intense heat continues with widespread 110’s inland on Friday (Fig. 3). The San Francisco heat eases after midweek. However, other major coastal cities stay in the extreme heat into next weekend.

Thunderstorms are occasionally present early-to-middle week over the Sierra Nevada and southwest California mountains and a few could be locally heavy but the greatest concern is lightning strikes staring fires. Thursday is rain-free. However, significant rain/thunderstorm activity is possible in southern California Friday and the southern half of California next weekend which could ease the heatwave more quickly.

Fig. 2: ECMWF hottest day of the heatwave appears is likely tomorrow.

Fig. 3: ECMWF projects the heat wave to roar into next weekend.