03/30/2020, 8:16 am EDT

Strongest Arctic Oscillation on Record

Rare are 3 consecutive months of the same intense polar vortex location during the winter season. However, the lack of displacement of the polar vortex from the North Pole during winter 2019-20 was a leading catalyst to the increased mild maritime influence across most of the continental northern hemisphere causing a record warm winter.
03/27/2020, 5:08 am EDT

The Potent Influence and Implications of Warm SSTA on Climate

The influence on climate of large areas of warmer-than-normal ocean surface temperatures is an increasing trend. A current example is the historical warm anomalies across the Gulf of Mexico caused by an early 2020 strong subtropical ridge which has lead to coastal Gulf drought while inland excessive rain and flooding has occurred. The warm ocean surface and associated sea level rise raise an eyebrow as to potential damage caused by what is expected to be an active tropical cyclone season for summer into early autumn ahead.
03/25/2020, 2:53 pm EDT

Late Season Cold Snap into Europe

According to the Canadian Ensemble temperature departures from normal are in the -6F to -12F range for much of Europe in the 6-10 day period. Crop areas will receive morning low temperatures in the 20's. The pattern is inspired by the first negative phase North Atlantic oscillation since last November.