05/05/2021, 9:41 am EDT

May 4 Biggest Severe Weather Day of Season So Far

On Tuesday NOAA/SPC issued 495 severe weather reports, mostly damaging wind gusts. The amount was slightly higher than the previous high amount for 2021 (480 reports on April 9). The 2-day total for severe weather reports is a whopping 922!
05/04/2021, 5:00 am EDT

Global Crop Areas Susceptible to Drought

The Americas are indicating their greatest exposure to drought in crop areas in the NOAA daily global soil moisture anomaly analysis. Areas at risk include Canadian and U.S. spring wheat, the northern U.S. corn-growing region and far southwest Great Plains wheat zone. In South America a major Brazilian drought is affecting their second corn crop, wheat and soybeans. There is limited exposure to drought risk (for now) across Eurasia and Australian dryness is away from crop areas.
05/03/2021, 12:20 pm EDT

Big Warm-up Equatorial Upper Ocean Heat

A dramatic warm-up in the upper ocean across the equatorial Pacific Ocean in April. Indicated is any support for La Nina 2020-21 is now gone. Somehow the Nino SSTA regions across the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean are slightly cool to within the La Nina threshold off the northwest coast of South America.
05/03/2021, 8:34 am EDT

Just-ended U.S. Cool Season Gas Population Weight HDD Anomalies

The 2020-21 cool season valid October 202o to April 2021 produced a warmer-than-normal climate and below normal heating demand for the U.S. The two exceptions are the month of February which included the arctic outbreak into the Central U.S. with greatest impact on Texas and also April which was slightly cooler than normal.