08/08/2023, 7:45 pm EDT

July 2023 and 2023 (So Far) State Temperature and Precipitation Rankings

July 2023 ranked 11th warmest in the 129-year U.S. climatology. Several states observed all-time-record hot months of July including Arizona and New Mexico where the wet summer 2023 monsoon failed, Florida (surrounded by record warm ocean surface temperatures), and Maine. Most of the West and South U.S. plus Northeast Corridor U.S. observed top 10 hottest mid-summer.
08/08/2023, 5:26 am EDT

Why So Many Severe Weather Reports Past 2 Months?

Since June 11th, a total of 15 days has produced near 500 or more severe storm (damage) reports. More than 25% of the time during this 8-week period, a day when an unusual amount of severe weather has generated. The highest total of severe weather reports was 1,049 occurring yesterday most concentrated over the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast U.S.
08/07/2023, 12:01 pm EDT

NOAA ENSO Forecast Models Still Uncertain About El Nino Strength but Agree On La Nina Back in 2024

NOAA ENSO forecast models continue to show uncertainty regarding El Nino 2023-24 strength. The NCEP CFS V2 remains the most aggressive forecast while several other models maintain the current moderate intensity with no additional strengthening. Note that a reversal to La Nina is indicated for the middle of 2024.
08/06/2023, 1:57 pm EDT

Marine Heat Wave NEP23A Crashes Ashore West Coastal North America

The Northeast Pacific marine heatwave (NEP23A) has shifted east and reached the Alaska, Canada, and Northwest U.S. Coast. The warming near the coast during the past 30 days is immense.