08/25/2023, 9:47 am EDT

Does it Seem Like U.S. Summer is Lasting Longer?

Given the warmer oceans and constricting ice cap of recent decades, there is a tendency for warmer climate vs. the 30-year normal and September in the U.S. is an example. During the past 10 years, September has averaged 1-3F warmer than the 30-year normal, making summer feel longer.
08/25/2023, 9:29 am EDT

Dry Concerns Increase Great Plains/Eastern Europe; Indian Wet Monsoon to Reactivate

Into early September many AG Market issues...ongoing dryness and regenerating heat in the Great Plains while Southeast Europe hot and dry weather extends to the Black Sea region. Shifting MJO should reactivate the wet monsoon across India in 8-14-days.
08/24/2023, 8:24 am EDT

To Date, U.S. Summer 2023 Not That Hot

Despite historical heatwaves striking Texas, the Southeast, California, and now the Midwest U.S., the remainder of summer has not featured hot weather and high electricity demand areas in the East U.S. have avoided long-term heat extremes.
08/23/2023, 3:47 pm EDT

Summer 2023 CDD’s For The U.S.

The latest U.S. population weight CDD forecast was adjusted slightly warmer (321 to 329) for August which is a moderately hotter than normal signature (compared to the 30-year normal). August 2023 will average slightly less hot than the past 3 years.