02/02/2022, 7:59 am EST

2011/2021 Ocean Comparison and Following January U.S. Soil Moisture

The 2011 and 2021 ENSO/PDO/AMO regimes are strikingly similar. In January of the following year, this regime produced nationally dry soils in January 2012 which was followed by a bad drought during the following summer. Climate Impact Company is closely following a similar climate pattern into early 2022 which could lead to important drought for summertime ahead!
01/27/2022, 5:35 am EST

ERCOT Cold Outbreak Later Next Week!

An arctic outbreak plows into a slow-moving frontal system in the Central U.S. middle of next week and lays a nearby carpet of snow for the air mass to shift south into Texas with limited moderation causing two mornings (next FRI/SAT A.M.) of temperatures in the frigid 20's!
01/26/2022, 5:05 am EST

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Report

Northern hemisphere snow cover analysis reveals MUCH ABOVE amount in Southeast Europe to Turkey, Northeast China and parts of the Northeast U.S. More snow is on the way in the 10-day snowfall forecast for the Northeast U.S., Black Sea Region/Turkey and an emerging snowy pattern in China ahead of the Winter 2022 Olympics.