06/19/2023, 3:58 pm EDT

Two Tropical Cyclones Ahead In Central North Atlantic Tropics

Tropical cyclone formation in the central North Atlantic tropics during June is unusual. The catalyst this year is a favorable low shear environment and enhanced early season inter-tropical-convergence-zone (ITCZ) enables by much warmer than normal SSTA.
06/18/2023, 5:48 pm EDT

Focus On U.S. Corn Belt Drought

Discussions and photos of AG Belt soil moisture conditions, especially in Illinois, worse than conveyed by data. Rainfall deficits are in the 3-6/6-9 in. range across the Ohio Valley. A new analysis produced by NOAA is issued tomorrow and increasing rainfall deficits expected.
06/13/2023, 8:44 am EDT

Wet Trade Winds to Develop Across Record Warm SSTA (for June)

The developing and steady wet trade wind regime in the tropics is inspired in-part by what is likely to be the warmest SSTA pattern on record for the main development region (MDR) for North Atlantic hurricanes as defined by the tropical North Atlantic (TNA) index.
06/11/2023, 12:29 pm EDT

No Early Summer for Mid-Atlantic Region

Until the waters off the East Coast warm significantly, the tendency for cool temperatures in the East U.S. with very limited number of warm-to-hot days will continue into mid-summer.