10/02/2018, 6:01 am EDT

Flooding Rainfall Ahead for Great Plains

A persistent chill enhanced by advancing snow cover over the North-Central U.S. into the middle third of October is separated to the East by unusually warm climate. In-between a zone of heavy rain will persist bringing flooding rainfall across areas where soil moisture has already increased significantly during late summer.
09/28/2018, 5:38 am EDT

Dangerous North-turning Major Tropical Cyclones Bring Excessive Rain to Japan & Southwest U.S.

Late season dangerous north-turning major tropical cyclones will bring life threatening high wind and excessive rainfall to Japan and life-threatening flooding to the Southwest U.S.
09/23/2018, 10:56 am EDT

Is Excessive U.S. Rainfall Caused By Fast-Arriving El Nino?

A super warm equatorial subsurface Pacific Ocean has shifted east and emerging off the northwest coast of South America. El Nino is approaching rapidly! The influence on the atmosphere is causing excessive rainfall events affecting the U.S. (beyond just the effects of Florence).
09/19/2018, 9:47 am EDT

+IOD & El Nino = Super Australia Drought Ahead

Keeping the regional sea surface temperature anomaly regimes such as the super warmth off the East U.S. Coast influence on Florence in mind, emerging SSTA patterns in the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans are signs of historic Australian drought ahead.