04/14/2021, 10:45 am EDT

U.S. Summer 2021 Outlook/Climate Discussion

The outlook is very similar to previous outlooks projecting a hotter than normal summer season for the Southwest to Central and Northeast U.S. The Great Plains gain a dry climate pattern and widening drought is increasingly likely. The wet zone is across the East and Southeast U.S. Land-falling hurricanes contribute to the wet forecast in September.
04/07/2021, 7:49 am EDT

2021 North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season Forecast

The Climate Impact Company 2021 tropical cyclone season activity forecast for the North Atlantic basin indicates 17 tropical storms, 9 hurricanes and 2 intense hurricanes. Above normal activity is expected although not as active as last year. The accumulated cyclone energy forecast is 127.
04/01/2021, 4:18 am EDT

Negative Indian Ocean Dipole Ahead for Australia

The Australia Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting negative Indian Ocean Dipole to develop for JUL/AUG 2021. The event is weak and short-lived. -IOD climate pattern are associated with wet climate across western and southern Australia.
03/30/2021, 7:39 am EDT

Australia Bureau of Meteorology Ends La Nina

Australia Bureau of Meteorology ended La Nina 2020-21 today. SSTA in the equatorial East Pacific remains marginally cool however upper ocean heat to support La Nina’s survival is disappearing fast. The Australia Bureau of Meteorology ENSO forecast indicates neutral ENSO ahead for the middle third of 2021.